God Talk

At this time, we currently are not holding God Talk!!

Six years ago Pastor Keith and his wife Jenni held a meeting in the manse on a Friday evening. The purpose of the meeting was to gather people together in an informal setting in order to read and study God’s Word and to talk about what the Lord was doing in all of our lives. Originally it was thought God Talk would continue for a couple of months. Six years later God Talk is still being held.

Every Friday night, we begin at 6:30 with a light meal served in the kitchen of the manse. At 7:00 o’clock we meet in the large living room, have a time of prayer and then begin to read a passage suggested by the meeting facilitator, usually Pastor Keith. As the Holy Spirit moves among the group insights into the Scripture are shared as well as experiences people have recently had in the Lord. Always the group is searching for greater knowledge of the things of God and to deepen their awareness and love for God.

As people share there are times of laughter and tears but always God’s love is shared and so too is the encouragement of faith. The group is always diverse. Some would call us “a motley crew”. The group varies in size each week. Young children to the elderly comprise the gathering. Some refer to it as the New Testament Church in 2014.

During the past six years as people have moved from the area, the God Talk model has been replicated. There is a God-Talk, Dallas and a God Talk, West that meet. There has been a God Talk, Florida and perhaps soon a God-Talk, Australia.

If visiting in the southwestern area of Pennsylvania come visit us. The manse is located at 131 Main Street in West Alexander. It is not hard to find. Not only is West Alexander a very small community but the manse is the only home in all of Washington County that has both a flag of the United States and a flag of Australia flying out in front of it, as Jenni is a full blown Aussie!